DIY Paper Ornaments

Recently, the folks at French General sent me goodies to play with and I was just waiting for a rainy day and some inspiration to get started with them. That happened the other day.  As I have shared, I am on a bent to re-do my tree with all homemade decorations this year. I’m not sure that I will be successful in that endeavor, but I will die trying! So, finding some free time, some pretty cardstock and a few other supplies,  I made these French Inspired Paper Teardrop Ornaments.   Super easy!


12″x12″ printed or plain cardstock
Paper Cutter
1/16″ Craft Punch
Bakers’ Twine


1. Firstly, cut 1 inch strips from some 12″x12″ double-sided cardstock. Mine came from French General.

2. Make a pile of three strips, one on top of each other. If you using printed cardtock, make sure that the prints are lined up.

3. I used a roller ball adhesive and affixed the strips on one end.  I only glued about 1/2″ in from the end.

4. Gently bent the strips around and made a teardrop shape with the topmost strip. Glue that to the outside of the other glued end.

5. Repeat that with the next strip, making a slightly larger teardrop. Do it again with the outside , or last, strip.

6. Once the adhesive is dry, punch a hole using a mini hole punch (I used a 1/16″ Craft Punch from McGill) and string through some bakers’ twine to make a loop.

Here’s the paper pack I used from French General.

Next, I’m going to make these, which will be a nice variation.


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