Holiday Fabric Brooch


A couple of weeks ago Marissa from Creative Thursday sent me some samples from her fabric lines. And they’ve been sitting there taunting me every since, calling me to make something. I’ve had a few ideas, but never the time to sit down and get my crafty on. Well, Hurricane Sandy suddenly opened up my schedule for me. I baked and crafted and blogged all while stuck in the house…luckily, we never lost power.

So, this was the first project I made with the fabrics. A Ragged Edge Fabric Brooch. It’s my version of a holiday brooch–I used 2 of Creative Thursday’s fabrics from the Santa Claus is Coming to Town Collection. I like that it’s rough and ragged, but still qualifies as a holiday pin.

To make it:

  • I cut strips of fabric in varying widths with both pinking shears and regular scissors.
  • Once I had enough strips, I bundled them up and made a pom-pom.
  • I then used the pinking shears to trim the pom-pom into a flower shape.
  • Finally, I sewed a fabric circle on the back to help stabilize the brooch and hot-glued a pinback to it.





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  1. So cute! I love a fabric pom pom.

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