Halloween Challenge: create your own damn costumes!

{Batty via Martha Stewart}

Before I start, I want to apologize if I sound like that cranky old man hollering at some kids to, “get off of my lawn”, but I really have something to get off of my chest…

This weekend, while out running errands, I walked by not one, not two, but three different temporary Halloween costume stores. Let’s just say I am not a fan. I remember back in the day when everyone created their own costumes from stuff they had at home or with a quick trip to the Goodwill store–both adults and children. This trend to buy plastic disposable crap that’s only going to be worn once and then thrown in a landfill does not set well with me.

I’m also not a fan of the “Sexy” trend one finds at the Halloween store.  It seems that both young girls and women are pretty much expected to wear one of those skimpy “sexy” costumes. You know what I mean–the “sexy” princess, the “sexy” super-hero, the “sexy” witch, and on and on and on. And pretty much at the Halloween store all the “sexy” costumes look the same…complete with a short skirt, fishnets and a skimpy top–just different accessories. Ladies, 1) don’t feel like you have to wear that “sexy” costume, we are more than just boobs and legs after all.  And 2) if you really do want to wear a sexy costume, I’m sure you’ve got something in your closet that you can use to create your own unique sexy costume.

This year, I want to issue a challenge to you all. Create your own costumes! It’s not that difficult. A little bit of creativity, some stuff you already have around your house and maybe a trip to Goodwill, and/or the craft store, and you could have a costume that is unique, inexpensive and of which you can feel proud that you created it with your own two hands (and a little blood, sweat and tears).

It’s not too late to get started. Check out these sites for inspiration.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Adults from Martha Stewart

Homemade Halloween Costumes on Pinterest

Homemade Halloween Costumes on Flickr

Homemade Halloween Costumes on Tumblr

{Rosie the Riveter by by ~Miss-Drea}

3 Comments on “Halloween Challenge: create your own damn costumes!”

  1. I absolutely agree. I’m not a fan of slutty costumes, especially on little kids and it seems like that’s all that’s been available for the last several years.

  2. I soooo agree!!! My son’s uncle bought him a pirate costume for Christmas and hes wearing it for Halloween. But I have to say he’sgotten sooo much use out of that costume. Even though it’s storebought, it hasn’t been used once and trashed. But I so miss making his costume this year, that I’m making Mom and Dad’s!

  3. I couldnt’ agree more! I have bought a couple of store bought costumes for my kids, but mostly when they were toddlers. I love making that annual run to Goodwill and Joann to pick out bits and pieces of things that can go together to make a great costume!

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