Painting rocks and meeting with the women


Yesterday I met with a group of women for our new regular creative gossiping sessions. My  friend Kris came up with the name C3 (Cunt Craft Collective) for them. We are using the time to socialize, work on art and craft projects, talk politics and activism and to offer inspiration for each other. With a couple of us working from home it’s also a nice way to get out of the house.

For myself, I am soaking up the creativity and talent from these ladies. They are way more super talented than I am and I am honored to be hanging out with them. I am an artist wannabe and mostly make crafty projects, but this group of women are dedicated creative types who always have at least 3 or 12 projects going on at the same time.

While I was painting some owl rocks (above), Trebs was weaving the most gorgeous shawl (see below), Mary working on a painted gourd project and Kris was also painting rocks.  I will be better about taking photos in the future, I promise.

I’m so excited for our next meeting and I need to decide what I am going to work on…I have a couple of embroidery projects in mind. Hmm…