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The history of film class I am taking has me thinking a lot about movies. Plus, there’s the recent posts I’ve done about The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina, both of which are going to be coming out soon (November for Anna Karenina and Summer 2013 for The Great Gatsby). With films on the brain, I got to thinking about how it might be fun to share some of my favorite movies with you, especially those that are based on books, which tend to be my favorites. So, I decided to start a new periodic feature where I will share one of my favorite films with you and either highlight the fashions from the film, aspects of the historical time period, the cinematography and design of the film an/or some other such aspect. I think it will be fun for both you + me.

The first film that I want to share is Howard’s End. It’s a 1992 film based on the book of the same name by E. M. Forster (published in 1910). It’s set in Edwardian England and is the story of class relations between three families each representing a different class during the Edwardian period; the wealthy capitalists (the new aristocracy), the upper middle class or bourgeoisie, and the lower middle class. More than that though, it is a love story.

It’s also a stunning beautiful film, especially those parts depicting the English countryside where the cottage called Howard’s End is located. The score is beautiful as well and the acting is superb. Sir Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter and Vanessa Redgrave are the principal stars and they do not disappoint.

It’s so dreamy and one really can get lost is this film. If you haven’t yet seen it, I’ve included the trailer below. But first, some images from the film.

The cottage in Howards End

Isn’t the cottage lovely? {photo credit}

The Wilcox's of Howard's End

Vanessa Redgrave plays Ruth Wilcox. {photo credit}

The film Howard's End

Emma Thompson is supurb, but I could watch her in anything (even Nanny McGee). {photo source}

Sir Anthony Hopkins. {photo source}

Helena Bonham Carter Howards End

Helena Bonham Carter plays the sister to Emma Thompson’s character. {photo source}

Howards End Film

More cottage loveliness. {photo source}

Inspired by the time period of the film, I put together this collage of Edwardian fashion pieces. Some of these I would wear in everyday life, while others I would have to be dressing up for Halloween or for some other fancy dress party.

Fashion from Edwardian England


  1. Art Nouveau Pin from vintageeclecticity
  2. Hat Pin or Stick Pin from GardenOfWeedinGirl
  3. Fingerless Gloves from ZenAndCoffee
  4. Corset Cover from SomniaRomantica
  5. Cape from Petrune
  6. Art Nouveau Pin from jeanjeanvintage
  7. Choker from ShablulitShop
  8. Mother of Pearl Ring from UnderTheLilacTreeUK
  9. Velvet Hat from BlackHatFactory 

What are some of your favorite films based on books? I’d love to know!