Born in the wrong decade?

Marion Cotillard is on the most recent cover of Vogue, and while I love Marion Cotillard, I’m not so much a fan of this Vogue photoshoot. Her look is reminiscent of old Hollywood that I don’t think they did her justice in this shoot.  I do like these older Vogue shoots of her much better…

Image from Vogue

Vogue Paris – September 2010 – via {}

Maybe it’s because she’s French, or maybe it’s her dramatic heady-lidded blue eyes or maybe it’s her coquettishily husky voice, but there is something that makes me think Marion Cotillard was born in the completely wrong decade.

She reminds me a little of Paulette Goddard, Marlene Dietrich, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis and Vivian Leigh.

Vivien Leigh {via fanpop}

Paulette Goddard {via listal}

Greta Garbo {via listal}

Bette Davis {via fanpop}

Clara Bow {via greenobles}

Marlene Dietrich {via tune doctor}