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Special Collections: what do you collect? - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

Special Collections: what do you collect?


special collections

Last year, you may remember, I started a series called Special Collections. For that series, I periodically I put together a post about collecting and collections. Sometimes around a theme and sometimes not.  Sometimes they are purposeful collections of objects that are acquired by folks for the purpose of collecting–like a seashell collection–or an accidental collection–like a row of bicycles lined up in a bike rack. Either way, I choose striking images that hopefully will inspire you to collect, share your collections or at least look at the material world in a different way.

So, what do you collect? Me? I collect indie-made jewelry and bags. Oh, and illustrations.

I hope you enjoy these collections as much as I do.

by beckybunnydesign

by Cat Gabriel

by JBrandão

by Kimberly Baird-Stephenson Photography

by knitting iris

by mazarin♥

by “Gayatri”

by Cool and Collected

by Julie Moo

by Camilla Engman

by Paper Treasure

by NekoKisshuLover

by knitalatte11


  1. I have tiny collections..a small glass jar of beach tiny beach glass pieces I’ve collected over years…vintage marbles from flea markets…vintage mini toys one would get from gumball machines…old board game pieces…anything from the internet that inspires my next craft/cooking creation.

  2. those embroidery threads are divine! like a box of jewels…
    And I collect vintage fabric. And handmade brooches. I have a few of each ;S

  3. I love all of the “collections” the colors are very refreshing in all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love collections. I don’t specifically collect anything, though (unless you count my yarn stashing habit!) I like the order and repetition in collections, and the way you can have many similar items with slight differences. If I had space, I think I would collect handmade ceramics… and illustrations!

  5. So inspiring! Great photos. I love the variety of ‘collections’ you’ve chosen for this post.

    I love posting about collections of things on my blog too! Coral and shell, cloisonne and satsuma, all many of beautiful wooden thing, red things and green things… I mostly collect things simply because I love them, rather than because they’re valuable or ‘collectable’. Beach combing and flea market combing (can you say that?) are two of my favourite things!

    Thanks for the great post!
    Lucy :)

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