My fave things #2 – Shoes

I must confess I have never had a pair of handmade shoes –despite having had a bit of a bad shoe habit when I was younger. Growing up in a small country town with a saddler being the only leather-worker around, hand-made shoes seemed so glamorous, and so impossibly out of reach, perhaps that is why I have lusted after them for so many years.

Why do they intrigue me? Perhaps it’s the promise of superior materials and craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and perhaps more importantly, being able to connect with the maker and get EXACTLY the shoe you want. It’s a fantasy I should really do something about!!

Some of these shoes I’ve rounded up here are already made and ready to wear;  most can be made-to-order.

{green alert ballet flat –TheDrifterLeather }

These gorgeous little ballet flats look divinely soft, and perfect for dancing about town in. Those roses at the front are too too sweet!

{felted boots – JurgaZa}

It’s pretty cold at the moment in Australia where I live – these felted boots would be perfect to keep my toes warm. They look so thick and incredibly soft, but a bit wild and untameable (like me? ha!). Those dangly locks at the side are for fondling, for sure.

{red retro platform pumps – Zerkahloostrah}

Uncompromisingly chunky, these wonderful shoes bring to mind a kind of hybrid 40s meets 70s shoe. Attention is drawn to the bold shape with the diagonal stitching, and the whole is given a little elegant lift with the split laced side.

{suede and silk, full wedge – Dames & Divas – Dames & Divas}

How good are these? Dames & Divas is a wonderful Australian company, sourcing vintage kimono silks from Japan, which they then use to cover their shoes in. In this beautiful pair, the silk is a gorgeously rich crimson and scarlet floral print, and the wedge heel is covered in super soft black suede.

Again, I hope you have enjoyed my picks! I’m looking forward to sharing some more goodies with you soon. Cheers! Julie x

About the contributor:

Julie Gibbons is tractorgirl, a maker of homewares and accessories, and a lover of colour, texture and pattern. She completed her PhD Fine Arts in 2001, majoring in Silversmithing. Now she blogs about contemporary craft, surface design, food and books at tractorgirl.

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  1. Ahhh, I have been lusting after those 40s inspired red shoes for a while now. I always imagine handmade shoes to feel so much more comfy than normal shoes… I don’t know if that’s the case!

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