May Day

May Day is an ancient spring holiday celebrated in the northern hemisphere. It has its roots as a celebration of the beginning of the farming season and is celebrated in a variety of ways depending on location and culture.

In my neck of the woods, May Day is celebrated with a May Pole Dance and with a colonial celebration to commemorate our colonial history on the 1st Saturday in May.  It’s called Old Dover Days and I’ve been attending since I was about 5-years-old. I’ve been taking my daughter since she was born, and even though she’s 20 now we still make a point of attending every year, if possible.

With May Day fast approaching, I thought I’d share some of these historical May Pole dance images from flickr.

{{By The Library of Congress}}

{{by Namey McNamerson}}

{{by Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections}}

{{by Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections}}

{{by Rita~~~}}

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