2 Free Print-It-Yourself Coloring Books for your coloring fun!

I’m sharing 2 coloring books that I created with you today. I did briefly sell them in my Etsy shop for a limited time a few years ago, but honestly not that many people bought them. So, I’m not sure if you all will be interested in them or not, but I did a lot of work creating them and I’d like folks to enjoy them…whether I make any money from them or not. Sigh. Just one of the dilemmas one runs into when making and selling goods creative goods.

Anyway, the first coloring book is called Petal Art and it’s full of abstract flower drawings of mine. Doodles really, but I like them. There are 8 pages to print out, color in & decorate your walls with. Use markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels or whatever you have on hand.

Download Petal Art Coloring Book for Free!


I’m sharing another printable coloring book…this one is called Truck Art and features 9 coloring pages made from photographs of a 1967 Chevy Truck.

Download Truck Art Coloring Book for Free!



  1. How generous of you! I totally understand the issue of creating for yourself, but also serving others … trying to find that balanced middle ground – it’s a challenge!

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