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My secret message

I recently ordered a necklace from COATT for myself  and a special secret surprise present for someone else. Jewelry artist Rebecca Coagan Scharlatt creates morse-coded jewelry using gold dots and dashes on silk. You can choose from standard words and phrases, or make personalize yours. I chose to personalize my necklace and it’s a secret. … read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

Frying Pansy Pancakes

Spring is chomping at the bit to be released from its dreary winter holding position, our frozen toes are starting their slow thaw, and the herald of spring, the pansy, is rearing its head from its soiled garden bed. As the groundhog is the tricky red flag fauna of the new season, the pansy is … read more

Carrots Two Ways

Holding rank as true workhorses in both the kitchen and the garden, it is rare to find a carrot that is not at least close to being in season.  I may be late to the party on this one, but I only recently realized that at the winter farmers market in Portland, carrots are always … read more

Sneak Peek of Issue #6 of my online magazine

In case you’ve been missing it (and I know you have), issue #6 of Joie is in the works! If you weren’t aware, Joie is an online lifestyle magazine that’s all about the art of joyful living and it covers art, craft, living, design, fashion + more. It comes out quarterly and each issue is … read more

Some recent pics

Here’s some recent pics from the a day in the life of Indie Fixx. A big mug of  Xocolatl drinking chocolate with almond milk in my 1971 mug…I’m as old as Starbucks. yea, I know. A trio of cupcakes for myself and my two favorite people in the whole world….bet you can’t guess who they … read more

Call for Creative writers!

I’m beginning work on issue #6 of Joie mag (coming in March) and I’m looking for creative writers who want to submit short (very short) stories and poetry for a new feature I am adding to the magazine highlighting creative writing. Here’s what I need: 1. Short stories less than 300 words. Think One-Minute-Fiction. Get … read more

What’s the big idea?

Last week I saw this meme on Facebook about a shower taking 27 minutes. 2 minutes for washing and cleaning your body + 25 minutes for thinking time. That’s totally me! It got me to thinking about all the other places where I  come up with my best “big ideas”. My Best Thinking Places In … read more

Much love for Krize

I have much love for this cute little shop (Krize Smilins) and what a wonderful place to get something for Valentine’s Day for your bestie (or yourself)!



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Which shower curtain should I get?

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At Home With Chevrons

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Birch inspired home decor

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