I love you. Pass it on.

Did you know that I love you? Well, I do. I love everyone. Well, some of you are harder to love than others, but in general I do love you all. And I think that we should practice love for one another. Not just your family, that’s too easy.

I’m talking about loving strangers,

because believe it or not, that’s our default. We are all born into this world with love in our hearts and it is only through the years that we learn to not love as a default. Instead we learn to distrust, to hate, to judge, in inflict pain, to shut out and to shut down. But, we can make a change. We can make a conscious decision to love our fellow humans again. And that’s what I plan on doing.

What got me thinking about this is I have a friend who told me recently that he is planning on hugging everyone at these joint meetings we both attend. Now, these are not social meetings at all, the people who are meeting are often strangers or distant acquaintances at best, but he has decided to hug them all. Sometimes, these meetings can get quite contentious and it’s so much more difficult to get angry and shut down in a conversation with someone you just hugged.

A hug sort of resets that default,

it helps you to see other people are people. I think his idea is a fabulous one.

So, I’ve undertaken a new project. I’ve made these signs (see below) and I plan on posting them in random places. Wherever I see a community bulletin board, I will pin one up. I actually have a stack and some pins in my bag right now, so I won’t be caught unawares. My goal is to share my random stranger love with the world and hopefully they will in turn share their love with strangers as well.

What do you think? Would you like to join my campaign to tell the world that we love them?

If so, download this sign I made and post it wherever you can. Take a picture of it and post it to the Pass It On Flickr Group.

Printable Pass It On Sign