The beach in winter

On Friday, Indie Fixx Jr. and I went to the beach…in the cold. We mostly went because Jr. wanted to visit the shopping outlets there, but I was able to convince her to walk along the boardwalk¬† and to visit the ocean.

The Ocean. Sigh. I’m so glad I live so close to the The Ocean. There’s just something about it that helps to reset my soul.

It was also fun to walk around the boardwalk and have to place almost to ourselves, even though it was ridiculous cold and windy. Visiting the beach in the off-season is a totally different experience¬† than visiting in the summer. It’s also sort of a family tradition, which goes back to when Mr. Indie Fixx and I began dating as teenagers and we would sneak off to the beach in the middle of the night during the fall and winter.


  1. So beautiful and so jealous you live near the beach! I meant to move near an ocean this past year…but ended up in Texas….ah life…funny where it takes you!

  2. The beach in winter is magical. I have snuck off to Muir Beach in Marin a few times in February and it’s beautiful! Thanks for the gorgeous photos and for reminding me to go to the beach.

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