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You are in for a treat this Monday, a wintery Feed Your Soul: the free art project download from artist Lucy Engelman. Lucy is a recent BFA graduate and illustrator living in Northfield, IL. Her work is whimsical,  playful, and at times, slightly mysterious and she mostly likes to stick to traditional forms of illustration with pen and paint. Lucy enjoys drawing pretty much from morning until her head hits the pillow, but also takes time to ride her bike, play with her terriers, and spend as much time outdoors as possible. In addition to working with Indie Fixx, Lucy has had the joy of collaborating with several magazines and publishing houses listed on her site. To see more of her work and find her contact information, visit www.lucyengelman.com.

I asked Lucy a few questions about what inspires her and how she feeds her soul.

What do you do to feed your soul?

I love spending as much time outside as I can. In the warmer Midwestern months, I work outside all day long or as long as the wind will let me. I feel completely rejuvenated and inspired by nature and its constant growth. It inspires me and feeds my soul in every way. In a more intellectual way, I listen to podcasts on a daily basis. From storytelling to scientific explanations to historical recaps, I love learning and listening. Since I am out of school now, and still thirsty for knowledge, podcasts are the perfect fix.

What would you say are your biggest inspirations in your art and life?

I am most inspired by my animals and all animals for that matter. The way they move and interact completely fascinates me and I could watch them for hours. I also love plants—especially greenhouses. I am inspired by science, although it is not one of my strengths, I still find it to be very mysterious and beautiful.

Are you a sunset person or a sunrise person?

Sunset. Lake Michigan. Michigan-side. I am neither a morning person nor a night owl—I simply like my sleep.


  1. I discovered your blog today via Kind Over Matter. I am in love with your Feed Your Soul Project. Thank you so much for sharing your love of art with me.

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