Handmade Holidays: deck the halls

It’s time to deck the halls again and for those of you who (like me) still have not decorated (or have even thought yet about your plans for decorating) here are some ideas for hand-making your holidays!

Home for the holidays tutorial from Retro Mama

Ceramic disks with pressed flowers by [ otchipotchi ] On and Off!

Felt ornament tutorial from Bugs and Fishes

homemade snowglobes
Snowglobes from Indie Fixx

Embroidered ornaments from Resurrection Fern

Felt Ornaments at The Purl Bee

Scrap wood advent tree from Summerville

white flower holiday display
Winter Wonderland Centerpiece from Indie Fixx

Christmas village shadow boxes from Smile And Wave

Bundled pine needles from Resurrection Fern

handmade pom-pom garland for the holidays
Pompom garland from Indie Fixx

Vintage spool gift tags/ornaments from Scrumdillydilly

Coca-cola Advent calendar from naughty secretary club

Candy canes from Isabel PavĂ­a

Chalkboard Advent Calendar from Indie Fixx

2 Comments on “Handmade Holidays: deck the halls”

  1. Oooohh! I LOVE every one of these Christmas decorations! How will I ever choose? These are all ideas I’ve never seen before!

  2. I love this time of year when the craftiness and the decorations are on an all time high!

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