Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with KnitKnit

wednesday indie artist fixx interview

What a difference a day makes! I missed posting yesterday, because I was too busy holding down the couch, and watching horrible reality TV, to take my mind off of the horrendous toothache I had. Now with antibiotics and painkillers coursing through my body, I am feeling more like myself. I’ve also got a root canal scheduled, but I will worry about that another day.

Anyway, let’s move on to today’s post, which is Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx interview that was done by Heather the Indie Fixx intern. She interviewed Nguyen Le of  Knitknit (Etsy Shop), who makes and sells felted jewelry and accessories. We decided to interview Nguyen since I am a fan of her work…I even own one of her necklaces that I purchased a few years ago at the Art Star Craft Bazaar!

What’s the name of your business and why, what do you create and sell and how did you get your start?
The name of my business is KnitKnit. No good reason other than the fact that I like to knit! I make elegant and witty knitted and felted accessories. I started on Etsy just a few  months after it launched when a friend told me about it.
Please share some of your artistic, culinary, and musical inspirations.

Artistic: Julie Morstad, Wes Anderson.

Culinary: I’ve been a baking fiend since I started crafting full time. Experimental baking feeds experimental crafting: think lavender pear bread.

Music: Joanna Newsom, Neko Case.

Who are 3 of your favorite artists of all time?
Do you have a mentor? If not, who would your dream mentor be?
I do not, but Michel Gondry would be quite dreamy.
Has the draw to textile fibers as a medium always existed for you, even as a child?
I always enjoyed making things & picked up sewing from my mom, who would make outfits for us kids. I didn’t start knitting until I was in college, and it just snowballed from there. Or should I say “yarnballed”? Heh, heh…
What are the best and the worst things about being an independent maker/creator?

The best thing —not having to set an alarm in the morning. I really love that part, even though I tend to work all day & into the night, but with many breaks including one woman dance parties.

The worst thing —leaving a trail of thread, yarn and felt scraps wherever I go. One can always find my “breadcrumb” trail…I can never hide!

How do photography and knitting as art forms complement or compete with each other?
I used to not think that photography and knitting had anything to do with each other until someone pointed out the fiber that I would layer onto my art photography. Without even realizing it, photography flowed right into knitting and the fiber world for me.
Christmas or Halloween? Felt or fur? Knit or knot?
Christmas, felt, knit.
We love your little animal embroidered felt necklaces…can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration and process behind those?

Thank you! They are new pieces that I’m very excited about. I was listening to the entire set of Harry Potter audio books this summer while working in my studio and though I haven’t made the mythological creatures directly from it, I was inspired by the woodland animals. My first embroidered pendant was of an owl—reminiscent of the owl messengers in the story.

Each piece is hand embroidered by myself. I’ll sketch an animal in my notebook to get a feel for the lines and stitches that I’ll need to make. I use a little fabric chalk to make a very rough outline of the animal, and because the animals are so small, I can’t make detailed chalk lines, so I eyeball the rest. Each pendant is unique, and will never be exactly like any other.

If you were one of your knit masterpieces, what would it look like?
I would probably be my knitted postcard. It was originally made as a creative chain mail to get people crafting. My face would be where the written message would be, and I’d run into people “tagging” them, and telling them that they now have to make a knitted postcard and tag someone else!


  1. She makes such gorgeous items and the photos of the products on display are very inspiring, I alway struggle with how to show things off at their best and I love this!

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