Pumpkin pie, staying home and what are you making?

This year is the first year ever that we do not have concrete plans for Thanksgiving Day yet. Usually, we have competing family Thanksgivings and we have to make a choice between them or run around trying to make them all…becoming gluttons in the process. I’m not even sure what are respective families are planning, I’ve been so busy that I left those details up to the mister and he thought I was handling it! Oh well, I actually would appreciate staying home and cooking this year.

I’m actually thinking of making chilli and cornmeal-encrusted tofu, vegetarian stuffing, mashed turnips and potatoes, veg gravy, sauteed greens and roasted Brussels sprouts. Now, I just need to find a recipe for pumpkin pie…

What about you? What are your Thanksgiving plans and if you are cooking, what’s on your menu?

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