Mirepoix: my life in food

It’s been a while since I shared my 1st post for Mirepoix: my life in food, so today I am sharing some of my recent and and near recent adventures in food.

Before the season ended, I roasted a shiznit load of tomatoes and froze them. Not quite the same as fresh ones, but winter grocery store tomatoes are sure as hell not worth buying! I used various heirloom varieties, basically whatever needed to used up.

Sauteed broccolini and red onions….one of the yummiest dishes in the world.

I discovered that I DO like okra after all this atumn, and while it was around, I threw it in everything from spaghetti sauce, ratatouille, curried vegetable and even sauteed it with onions and tomatoes and put it over pasta. Slimy good!

My very first apple pie ever! It wasn’t pretty, but it tasted amazing. I used a pretty standard apple pie recipe, but I used about 6-7 different apple varieties (what I had on hand) and added orange juice & zest and triple sec as well.

Best sandwich ever!