Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Angela Traunig

feed your soul free printable art

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Today brings us another Feed Your Soul: the free art project download and it’s from a repeat artist contributor. An Australian-born artist living in the Deep South, Angela Traunig, creates original illustrations with a modern style and sense of humor.  From her Knobby Knee characters to old-fashioned nursery rhymes, all of Angela’s work is full of color and whimsy. You can see more of her work in her Etsy shop and on her Website and you can see her previous contribution here.

I asked Angela a couple of questions about what feeds her soul and the like.

What feeds your soul? A walk in the woods, quiet meditation, sharing a meal with friends or whatever?

The tenderness and compassion in the simple actions of my 2 year old son.  A good singing song turned up loud and belted out full force when no one else is home. Good cheese and fruit and dark chocolate with bits of candied orange peel.

Share some of your inspirations in your art and life.

My family of course. The secret lives of animals.  We assume that they lead simple lives, but who is to say that their days aren’t full of complicated relationships and moments of humor?

Name one word that sums up your philosophy or outlook on life.