Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Ashley Percial + Kirrily Anderson

feed your soul free printable art

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Today, I’m sharing the latest Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads! The first one is from artist Ashley Percival. Ashley graduated from the University College Falmouth in 2010 and is now a freelance illustrator living in Cornwall. He gets most of his inspiration from wildlife and nature. You can see more of his work  in his Etsy Shop and on his website.

I asked Ashley a couple of questions about what feeds his soul and what some of his inspirations are.

What feeds your soul? A walk in the woods, quiet meditation, sharing a meal with friends?

The main thing that feeds my soul is definitely nature. I love exploring and finding new species, and get ideas for my artwork.

Share some of your inspirations in your art and life.

My artwork clearly shows that I get inspiration from animals and nature, a lot of my characters are wearing hats, I think I got that idea from myself—I always wear hats. I also get inspired when looking at other art, I love art galleries and art blogs. I’m a big fan of Dali.

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The second print for today is from Kirrily Anderson of I Am Others. Kirrily’s illustration based artwork is well traveled, appearing in places such as Mexico, Israel, New York City, Sydney & Melbourne, while her design work has made its’ way around both Australia & the United States, often in the form of CD artwork and gig posters. You can see more on her website and in Etsy Shop.

I also asked her a few questions.

What feeds your soul?

Roaming around the backstreets of my city in the darkest, quiet hours of the night; coffee at my favorite tucked away cafe, which I secretly believe no one else knows about; a beer or two and rambling conversations with fellow artists.

Share some of your inspirations in your art and life.

In no particular order: thrift stores, Swoon, hard rubbish, vintage wallpaper, the Stones, feathers, Mexican coffee, American Blues, the 80’s art scene, miso, tofu asada burritos, Portland (OR), Shida, various shades of teal and aqua, Basquiat, silk scarves and beauty.

Name one word that sums up your philosophy or outlook on life.