Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Laura Amiss + Mary Beth Heishman

feed your soul free printable art

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You are in for a treat today—two Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads! The first one is from artist Laura Amiss, who was featured here before on this blog. Laura is originally from the north of England, but she now lives in Amsterdam. Laura’s handmade canvases are uniquely created using a selection of new and reclaimed fabrics. Her work is composed of subtle lines and color combinations produced through layering, piecing and sewing fabrics together. She draws her inspiration from her every day environment and hopes she captures the landscape or moments of ordinary life  and  allows people to appreciate them with a fresh perspective. Learn more on her website.

Here’s some more of her lovely work, which is available for sale in her Etsy Shop.

The second print for today is from Mary Beth Heishman. Mary Beth is an artist and master art educator in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her current works are juxtapositions between humans, flora and various fauna. The naturalist theme reoccurs in her artworks and jewelry. Mary Beth blends the surrealism of Las Vegas with the naturalism of the desert to create a unique art form that combines the fantastic and unexpected. See more on her website and in her Etsy Shop.

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Plus, take a look a some more  gorgeous work from Mary Beth.


  1. So exciting to see great artists on here. Mary Beth Heishman is an amazing artist and I am very lucky to have her art hanging in my home and her works of art dangling from my neck, wrists, and ears. Very talented artist!!

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