Crushing on tartan!

For me, autumn always evokes images of plaid and specifically of tartan. Honestly, I would probably never wear it (maybe a bag or a scarf) or use it in my home (beyond the odd throw), but for some reason I am draw to the pattern. When I think of it, it makes me feel warm and crisp at the same time and all cozy and reassured.

It also takes me back to when the mister and I were 1st dating when I was just 16. Now that I think of it, Mr. Indie Fixx used to wear a lot of plaid back in those days, so maybe that has something to do with all my fond feelings for it?!

Here’s a collection of tartan images that I discovered on Pinterest…if you aren’t yet pinning, why the hell not? It’s so much fun!

{{ note to self }} {{ raspberry and red }} {{ dolce and gabbana ready-to-wear fall 2008 via & tory burch autumn/winter 2011 via vogue }} {{ alexander mcqueen on }} {{ l.a.m.b blazer & opening ceremony skirt on shopbot }}

{{ cath kidson }} {{ mrs pomeranz }} {{ mrs pomeranz & ralph lauren fall 2008 ready-to-wear via }} {{ wedding dress by isabelle randall & mango via carent de shopping }} {{ asos }} {{ emma watson via people & ties from various via GQ }}

{{ ralph lauren }} {{ scotland shop }} {{ topman }} {{ anta }}

{{ sofa on tapet eksperten }} {{ summer thornton designs via unexpected interiors }} {{ living etc uk october 2011 via a mad tea party with alis }} {{ house to home }} {{ domino via immunerable goods }}

{{ flor }} {{ tailgating from country living & the art of tartan from country living }} {{ pendleton mills blankets}} {{ lonny mag }}


  1. oh, these are really inspired check-patterns. and i absolutely love to wear those but it’s actually pretty hard to find some good stuffs. where do you usually go for it?

  2. Love tartan – but being Scottish, I may be slightly biased.
    Have you seen Ness Clothing? A lovely company that makes the most beautiful tartan clothes, bags and shoes! Amazing!


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