Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Kate Durkin

feed your soul free printable art

The latest Feed Your Soul: the free art project download is from artist Kate Durkin. New York based Kate Durkin grew up in Washington, DC. She received her BA from The New School in NYC and studied painting at SACI in Florence, Italy. Kate has shown her stitched paintings in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Portland (Oregon), Tokyo, New York and Florence. She is drawn to flora and fauna, childlike simplicity and muted colors. You can see more of her work on her Website.

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Also, here’s some more of her lovely, lovely work.

Finally, Kate answers a few questions about what inspires her and what feeds her soul:

What feeds your soul?

I can’t imagine a better way to feed my soul and my belly than a home cooked meal with my family and friends.

Share some of your inspirations in your art and life.

I love finding inspiration in new places, stepping away from my routine for a fresh perspective, but I find most inspiration from other artists and entrepreneurs in this city. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the accomplishments and creativity that surround me.

Name one word that sums up your philosophy or outlook on life.


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  1. Wow, I just discovered your free downloads! So sweet…I’m redecorating a spare room and some would be perfect framed art for the walls.

    Thank you to you and the artists!


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