Back to School Guide: i’m too hip for my…edition

Here’s some Back to School goodies for the tragically hip among us.

1. Nerdy buck flask from jDUCT ~~ 2. Tandem bike pint glasses from Vital

3. No mustaches needed here print from 4four ~~ 4. Old school camera moleskine from Subtle Acts

5. Hipster bingo from Hipster Bingo ~~ 6. 101 Hipster paintings from Whatalrightyyeah

7. Hipsters ruin everything tee from Repurposeful Punk ~~ 8. Zombie shot glasses from Bread and Badger

9. Your mixtape rocked my word card from Able and Game ~~ 10. My snark is legend pencils from Carbon Crusader


  1. Now this is fun! That little nerdy buck flask – AWESOME! And the Hipster Bingo cracks me up! Thank you for including my camera journal to the mix! 🙂

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