Back to School Guide 2011 – Pouches and Bags Edition

More Back to School must-haves. This edition features all sorts of bags, pouches, portfolios, cozies, briefcases and more that you need to hold your stuff.

1. Portfolio clutch from Marketa ~~ 2. Leather pouchlet from The Leather TH

3. Pencil case from Prints n Patterns ~~ 4. Book tote from Sealmaiden

5. Pencil pouch from The Bhive ~~ 6. Tote from Sola W

7. Messenger bag from Ika bags ~~ 8. E-reader pouch from Cindymars7

9. Briefcase from Jenny M Designs ~~ 10. Messenger bag from Beg for a Bag

11. Carryall from Breadnroses2 ~~ 12. Scout bag from Bees’netta


  1. Those were pretty nice stuff! Whats great about back-to-school is the new things to have. And sure would be a must for the school season. The bag for an instance, you would be excited for school when you have such fab bag.

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