Back to School Guide 2011 – Cute Edition

I love cute stuff—as if you couldn’t tell from reading this blog—and I know you love cute stuff too—you are reading this blog after all—so here’s some of the cutest back to school goodies I could find.

1. Pencil pouch from Julie Meyer 2. Eco-friendly pencils from Write With Moie

3. Apple magnets from Honey Pie Tree 4. Lunch bag from The Pattypan Shop

5. Bunting pillowcases from Katherine J. Lee 6. Headbands from Looking 4 Lily

7. Bookplates from Whimsy Whimsical 8. Doily notebook from Twiggs’ Designs

9. Embroidered re-usable lunch bag from Blue Roo 10. Fabric pushpins from Yum Yum Buttons

11. Pencil pouch from Toyko Inspired 12. Library card notebooks from Crab Apple

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