Back to School Guide 2011 – Varsity Edition

Well, I’m glad that’s over—Hurricane Irene, that is. I hope every one of you made it through the storm okay…yourselves, your families and your property. The Indie Fixx family is totally fine, if just still a little sleep deprived. I never want to have to go through a direct hit of a hurricane, and certainly not anything stronger than a Category 1, after going through that mere glancing we got. Ugh.

This week, there’s a different kind of event going on….it’s time for my annual Back to School Guide. Every year, I put together a Guide of all kinds of back to school goodies for students from preschoolers to college-aged  as well as those among us who still love buying back to school supplies even though we’ve been out of school for a long time.

Today’s edition is the Varsity Edition and features fun stuff for college kids, both to outfit themselves and their dorms.

1.clipboard bandolier from  Clever Hands 2. leather journal from Moon Bindery

3. Lousiana state pillow from Love Cali 4. e-reader cover from Moliop

5. e-reader case from Roque Theory 6. drawstring  backpack from Packs and Totes

7. i-phone cozy from Yummy Pocket 8. linocut print from Monster Gallery

9. peace sign decor from Sweet Zoe Love 10.”I’m on a Boat” pillowcases from Royal Kane

11. it’s not that far really postcard set from Rar Rar Press 12. magnetic chalkboard from Redefound


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