It’s my 20th Wedding Anniversary Today!

Today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary, so I am taking the day off. Yes, I am old enough to be celebrating my 20th anniversary….I was only 20 when the mister and I got hitched. πŸ˜‰

We aren’t quite sure what we are doing to celebrate, but we aren’t staring at separate computer screens all day long, that’s for sure!

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  1. Congrats!! Always happy to hear about anniversaries in the double digits, always!

    Love the collection of address numbers- such a cute tie-in!

  2. Congratulations!!! My 20th will be in October & I’m excited – got married when I was 22 – isn’t it nice to still be young and married after so many years? Hope you had a good celebration!

  3. I love this post! Our third anniversary is coming up and you just gave me a great idea with the fun number photos. πŸ™‚ Congrats on your 20th. Enjoy.

  4. 20 is a good number. My husband and I celebrated our 20th this year too. I have to say that eventhough we did not do a large celebration we di very much enjoy that it was our 20th. A very comfortable and happy anniversary
    Best wishes to you

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