Last chance to get your ad in issue #5 of Joie mag

It’s your last chance to reserve an ad spot for Issue #5 of Joie magazine.  Issue #5 is coming out the 1st week of September and there are still 2 Full Page (or 1 Double Page) spots open. With an expected readership of over 250,000+, you can promote your site to a lot of people and support Joie at the same time!

Why should you reserve an ad spot in Joie?

1. 250,000+ readers!

2. You love the look and ethos of Joie and want to align your brand with it.

3. Joie readers are interested in art, fashion, design, diy, crafts + more and that’s the kind of visitor you want.

4. You can support a publication you love!

Rates and specs can be found HERE.

The deadline to reserve your ad is August 31st.