How to keep your promos from being tossed out

Promos can be a both an effective & fun way to grow your brand.  They are especially effective for current customers and you might want to consider adding some sort of promos to all your orders, if don’t already do so.  They can also be good to use at craft shows to anyone who makes a purchase or lingers in your booth.

But, it can be difficult to come up with a good idea for a promo that’s just not going to be tossed out. I mean, why waste your money and/or time buying or making promos that are just going to end up in the trash? That’s why I  like the usable promo, something that folks are going to hold onto & use: magnets, notebooks, calendars + more. But usable goodies that are going to stand out from the crowd are the ideal.

Here are some promos I found which are usable and clever and I bet don’t get tossed out!

recipe card by Pink Kiss Pottery

New Recipe Card!

recipe card by glue&glitter

Basket of Lip Balm

lip balm by Etsy Labs

lavender goodies!

sachet by  popko


coasters by theHandmaiden

a good word

ice cream sticks as bookmarks by silvertreeart


yum, marshmallows by stellaloella


clothespin clips by queenvanna creations

plantable seed paper promo card

plantable seed paper promo card

plantable business card by porridge papers


sewing kit by Jennifer M Ramos


  1. It was great to see porridge papers featured! I visit there all the time and one of my good friends works there! I’m so glad they were on here! They also have this awesome punch card that’s made out of 100% recycled paper!

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