My weekend in pictures

This past weekend the mister and I did not make it out together on an adventure…well, that’s only because Indie Fixx Jr. and I had plans of our own!

Friday we went to the beach. We played in the surf and laid out in the sun all day. I can’t believe I didn’t actually take any pictures of the ocean, just this one of the bluest sky.

After the beach, we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lewes, DE. It’s called Agave and it’s a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar. The food is pretty much amazing…made with really fresh ingredients and we are never disappointed.  We got some guacamole and I got the veggie burrito with spicy chipotle mayo….delish!

Then Jr. and I went antiquing like a couple of little old ladies. Here’s Jr. looking through a stereoscope.

Drool…don’t know if any of them worked and I don’t have the budget right now anyway.

The next day we went antiquing again in a old canal town near our home.

There was a sign on these old cash registers that read “Don’t press the keys”. That’s the 1st thing we both wanted to do!

Loved this old ship owl.

This is where I should live….on Bohemia Ave.

Boaters from all over the east coast visit  Chesapeake City. This boat was from Quebec.

Finally, while out getting some Froyo back on our home turf, we found some sharpie art. I love this fatty owl…I want to hug and squeeze him.

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