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We belong to a CSA Farm, or Community Supported Agriculture. Every week from May – October we get a box full of fruits and vegetables that are grown on the farm…our share of what was grown that week. At the beginning of the season we pay a subscription, which works out to be $20 per week. Each week the farm, which is about 20 miles from our home, delivers boxes to pre-arranged drop-off locations for its members.  The produce is all organic and we are lucky enough that our farm offers such a splendid diversity of fresh grown goodies. There’s usually 12-15 different kinds of things in our box each week and they even offer honey and eggs for an additional fee.

I know many of you know how this CSA thing works, but for some I know the concept is new.  If this all sounds intriguing to you,  I honestly can’t recommend it enough. We’ve been doing in now for about 5 years and plan on participating in CSA for the rest of our lives.

The benefits as I see it are:

We are getting local organic produce that’s grown 20 miles away from our home and not from half way across the world. That’s better for the the environment.

Everything tastes better…partly because it’s not grown ( and then shipped) half way across the world.

Our farm share offers different varieties of produce that just aren’t available in the grocery stores.

I love trying new things! Every once in a while, there’s something I’ve never seen or cooked with before and I love the challenge and the experience of eating and cooking something new.

It’s a great way to make sure we aren’t skimping on our veggies. There’s always some beet greens, Lima beans, yellow squash, kale or corn on the cob that needs to be eaten up.

I find that the cost is really affordable. Honestly, think about what $20 buys you in the grocery store in the produce aisle. Not a whole lot of lackluster fruits and vegetables, that’s what. Now we do spend additional money at the farmers’ market each week, but that’s usually just because we want to buy something special and also support the farmers’ market, not because we actually don’t get enough produce in our farm share. Our box can easily feed a family of four for one week. We often find the need to freeze or preserve some of our share, share  it with others or invite more people to dinner!

We are supporting local folks who use more sustainable farming practices and not some big nameless factory farming corporation that is not sustainable at all.

One of the best things about the CSA though is opening our box each week and seeing what’s inside. It’s as exciting as Christmas to me!

Here’s a sampling of what came in last week’s box…as well as a couple of things I made with our share.

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  1. I love fresh produce, and I miss having a garden – I grew up on a farm, and my mother always had a huge garden. I can’t wait to be able to have that again.

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