Pink, a color study

I did not used to like pink when I was younger…I thought it was too girlie and I was more of a tomboy than a girlie girl. As I’ve gotten older my inner girlie girl has come out though and I like pink now. Not too much mind you, but a little bit of pink here and there can brighten up an outfit or make a room pop.  I’ve chosen some pink goodies that I’m crushing on from the Summertime Indie Fixx Galleria.

  1. Sugar N Spice Aprons
  2. {just.lovely.things}
  3. Miss Malaprop
  4. thunderpeep Designs
  5. OboroCharms
  6. IMOOI
  7. My Little Chickadee Creations
  8. Urban Fringe
  9. Small Bird
  10. Warped and Morewarped
  11. Black Lotus Design

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