Stamping and a making

I recently bought some rubber stamps from Ink + Wit (Etsy Shop) that I’ve been crushing on for quite some time.  I love rubber stamps for their versatility and artist designed rubber stamps from one of my favorite artists can only be better.

I sat down the other day and played around with them. Here’s what I came up with.

Using this adorable Owl Stamp, I made myself a print that hangs in my office and a postcard that I’m sending to my penpal…which is my very much overdue response to her!

Owl Stamp,  $22

I thought this Recipe Stamp would be a great way for me to share homemade gifts. Like some of my refrigerator pickles along with the recipe attached as a card. I plan on using this a lot this upcoming holiday season!

Recipe Card Stamp, $22

Finally, I used the Bunting Stamp to decorate my niece’s birthday present. I usually use plain Kraft paper wrap and decorate it myself rather than buying printed wrapping paper. It’s more fun and personal that way.  I also made a Bon Voyage postcard too.

Bunting Stamp, $20

Bon Voyage Stamp, $18