Special Collections: Surfboards

Periodically I put together a post of collections based around a theme. They can be purposeful collections of objects that are acquired by folks for the purpose of collecting–like a seashell collection–or an accidental collection–like a row of bicycles lined up in a bike rack. Either way, I choose striking images that hopefully will inspire you to collect, share your collections or at least look at the material world in a different way.

In addition, usually every summer I do at least one post paying homage to the art of surfing. Although I’m not a surfer, ever since reading¬† Gidget was I was 9 and then seeing The Endless Summer

I’ve been a fan of surfing. It’s one of the most beautiful things to watch in the world and I’m in awe of anyone who braves the waves to be one with the Ocean.

So, here’s my Special Collections post paying homage to the surf!


  1. What a lovely collection of photos. I am not a surfer either, but this makes me want to at least sit on one and dangle my feet in the water!

  2. Beautiful, love every one! I too am obsessed with surfling…well, the images, not the act anyway. I even bought a book about it, just because its pretty!

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