Weekend excursion

On Saturday, the Mr. and I went to the Food and Brew, which is a local annual event held in our town during July (American Beer Month). It’s a fun event for us townies and we definitely appreciated the students being away and having the city to ourselves…even if it was 100+ degrees outside.  We’ve been trying to do more things on the weekends instead of just sitting around the house doing or doing the same old stuff. You can see what we did last weekend here.

Most restaurants on Main St. created a special tapas-type menu and offered several beer tastings to go along with the menu. It’s a chance to try a lot of different beers, new foods and even try new places.

Here’s some things that I learned from our experience.

  1. I really liked the Witte and Hennepin Belgian-style beers from Ommegang Brewery…like, a lot.
  2. Homegrown continues to be the best restaurant on Main St.
  3. When it’s 100+ degrees outside, drinking beer will make you hotter.
  4. I do not like duck eggs…I do not like them Sam I Am! Yuck.
  5. I’m not too fond of sweet fried plantains either…
  6. Drinking 12 little cups of beer over the course of an afternoon will not get you drunk…
  7. Finally, my mister is the most amazing guy in the Universe!


  1. Ommygawd, I’m jealous! At least we have Dogfish here as our local brewery. 😉

  2. I toured Ommegang Brewery last fall–fun place and great beer! Sounds like a fun time!

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