Crushing on…

crushing on

Here’s some of my latest crushes. What about you? What do you have your eye on and if money weren’t an issue you’d snap up? Share in the comments.

Dip-dyed fringe and feather necklace from Laurel Wells

Lace collar necklace from Supayana

Jewelry from Laura Lombardi

Capelet dress from J Rose Atelier

Antoinette damask curtain at Urban Outfitters

Owl bedding from Branch Handmade

The Pearl print from Hidden Eloise


  1. Hidden Eloise – for anyone who has looked at her beautiful art. I have to say that when you open anything from her you feel so special, the love and care she puts into her packaging that deserves to be framed on it’s own. I have sent a locket from her and honestly they raved about the locket but the entire experience of unwrapping made them feel so special and relutant to even open because of the beauty she creates! great crushes!

  2. I really love that owl bedspread set. Super cute! But if I had money to splurge I would probably buy some shoes (super cute nice ones, maybe something comfy and strappy for summer)–I’m not really big on shoes but good shoes are important for your feet! And I wear flip flops waaaay too much, which I just read isn’t all that great for you 🙁

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