Summer Cocktail Series: The Honey Lavender Sidecar

summer cocktail series

For today’s  Summer Cocktail Series Cheila and Nate from Cheilaslifensuch share a delightfully beautiful concoction. How about serving it at your 4th of July cookout?

If you have a recipe (original or one you discovered) that you’d like to share, drop me a line. — jen xoxo

In an effort to live each moment of this summer to the fullest My husband Nate and I decided to claim 2011 to be the “Summer of Cocktails”.  It’s an extension of our overall theme which is “Vacation Everyday”.   So what do these themes and sayings mean? It’s merely a way for us to live in the moment with the intention of making sure there is leisure and enjoyment in each day…like Vacation.  Plus two of our best friends have committed to join us on Fridays to enjoy them with us and toast the fleeting summer weeks away.

Now for the drink. The Honey Lavender Sidecar.  I love sidecars. They sound old fashioned. They often come with a little side car carafe and they are sweet and strong.  I found a recipe for lavender honey syrup and the rest of the ingredients came by way of conversation with Nate about what else would complement the delicacy of lavender.  I think you’ll find this drink surprisingly refreshing, unusual and definitely sophisticated.  We served it over cracked ice and garnished it with a faded sweet pea blossom. (the fuchsia blossoms turn lavender after a day!)

Honey Lavender Sidecar (makes 2 drinks)

by Cheila and Nate from Cheilaslifensuch

2 shots of Gran Marnier,  plus a splash more.

Juice from ½ a lemon

A good splash of Galliano (not too much)

1 ½  shots of lavender honey syrup (see below

Dash of bitters

Shake vigorously in an ice filled shaker and strain into to a shallow ice-filled fancy glass.

Honey Lavender Syrup

Make one cup of water hot enough to brew ½  a handful of fresh lavender in it.  Add ½ cup of honey to it. Done.

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  • July 5, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    This recipe looks amazing! I have some lavender honey sitting around at the moment, leftover from making some delicious ice cream this weekend – must try.

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