Celebrating my 40th birthday!

So my 40th birthday was Saturday and I had a small family BBQ with just the mister, indiefixx jr., my brother & sister and my stepfather. Then I went out with a few people for some drinks and to hear a couple of local rockabilly/punk bands after the party. All very low-key. Nothing fancy or complicated–that’s just not my style–but I had a blast! I did imbibe a little too much whilst out, but it was fun!

And here’s some pics I took…

I bought a ton of flowers from Trader Joe’s and placed them in mason jars. Simple, yet pretty.

I love balloons–I’m a 40 year old kid– and bought 2 dozen for my party!

Chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that Indie Fixx Jr. and I made together. Recipe to come…

My nieces…aren’t they adorable?

The family.

Ice cream cake…yum.

Me and Indie Fixx Jr.


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