Indie Fixx From Across the Pond: Fabric Goodies

across the pond: the UK inidie craft scene

This week its all about the fabric. Fabric is one of my very favourite things. I could quite happily lust over beautiful fabric all day long so it is an absolute pleasure to share with you some of my favourite makers doing wonderful things with fabric from this side of the pond.

Alison Willoughby, aka skirtgirl, uses the humble skirt as her canvas, producing some pretty darn spectacular results. Her stunningly intricate hand crafted skirts were originally created as art pieces but now crossover into functional wearable pieces such was the demand from people wanting to get their mitts on a skirtgirl creation to wear.

As soon as I was introduced to Emma Burton‘s work I was instantly smitten. These digitally printed silk scarves are a perfect example of the striking graphic imagery she uses in her work.

I probably love biscuits as much as I love fabric so I am always very excited when Nikki McWilliams launches a new run of her biscuit inspired cushions. Her Tunnock’s inspired cushions are just adorable and feature some of my very favourite sweet treats. Although she tends to focus on cult British favourites such as the custard cream and bourbon biscuit she has also extended her cushion repertoire to include your very own Oreo!

Eleanor Young, aka Fun Makes Good, is another hugely talented textile artist using some wonderfully bold and graphic shapes and colour combinations in her work, exemplified perfectly by this rather wonderful Swallow Pouffe. My feet would be exceedingly happy to rest on there a while.

I am a big fan of Fanny Shorter, particularly her anatomical prints such as these Coronal and Hearts print cushions, which demonstrate the true beauty within us all. A lovely note to leave you on.

– Michelle Duxbury helps runs a rockin’ indie boutique called Rocket 59. Read more about her on the contributors’ page.

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