Weekly Photo Challenge: Summertime Fun

weekly photo challenge

It’s time for another Weekly Photo Challenge! In case you aren’t familiar with them, periodically I post a Weekly Photo Challenges and ask readers to upload photos around a particular theme to the Indie Fixx Flickr group. Participants have a week or so to get their  photos taken and added to the Group. The idea is provide everyone with a venue to share their craftiness and photography skillz & offer up some inspiration for everyone involved. Sometimes,  but not every time, I offer up a prize.

The theme for this challenge is: Summertime Fun!

Share your pics of your summertime fun in the Indie Fixx Flickr group. Whether you are chilling in the backyard in the hammock, making sand castles at the beach, riding a roller coaster at the amusement park, canning some summer fruits, grilling on the patio or catching firefly’s in a jar, share your images of your summertime fun!

Myself and 2-3 other judges will be choosing the most creative, fun, relevant and interesting photo from all those that are uploaded.


In addition to bragging rights, one winner will be chosen to win a silver Swinging Girl Necklace by Markhed Design. The designer behind Markhed Design is Marie Khediguian out of Montreal, Canada. She creates a lovely mix of  edgy and dark designs, as well as some playful and sweet. I love them all, but especially think the Swinging Girl Necklace is perfect for this challenge!

Details for the Photo Challenge:

1. Upload your photos to the Indie Fixx Flickr group by Wednesday, June 29th 11:59 pm EST.

2. Make sure to tag it with the following: “summertime weekly photo challenge” or summertimeweeklyphotochallenge.

3. One winner will be notified via Flickr Mail after June 29th.

4. Multiple entries will be considered.

5. All photos added to the flickr group between June 15th – June 28th, 2011 will be considered entries for the purposes of this contest.

6. Myself and 2-3 other judges will be choosing one winner.


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