Summertime Galleria is here!

If you aren’t familiar, periodically I put together a juried showcase of handmade, indie-made & vintage shops called the Indie Fixx Galleria. My latest edition is the Summertime Galleria and it’s filled with so much loveliness that I am bursting to share it with you.

So, take a peek at the Galleria to drool over the goodies. You just might find something that you can’t live without or something that a special would love. There are plenty of coupon codes to be found too!

If you are interested in applying for the Summertime Galleria, I am still accepting applications for the next couple of weeks. More info here and just email to apply.

Featured shops – from left to right {{Lady Like :::: Antisparkle Apparel ::::: IMOOI ::::: Green Rainbow Shop :::: Warped and Morewarped :::: Pasteesh Handmade Jewelry}}