Handmade Weddings and a Tutorial for Yarn-Wrapped Bottles

Whether you are planning your own wedding, helping a friend plan one or even just love DIY decorating and entertaining, you will love the book Handmade Weddings (Chronicle Books). Put together by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello!Lucky along with stylist Shana Faust, it’s made up more than 50 craft projects you can use to style and personalize your wedding or other special day.

What I love most about Handmade Weddings is that it’s broken up into different chapters, each featuring a different style—retro homespun, girly romantic, modern classic, just to name a few. I am a cross between the retro homespun and girly romantic…if you couldn’t have already guessed…and was drawn to projects in those chapters. I really liked the Yarn-Wrapped Bottles project (which I will share later in this post) from the Retro Homespun section and the Teacup Centerpieces from the Girly Romantic chapter.

I must say that it’s a  really beautiful book with wonderfully detailed projects and it’s got all kinds of ideas swirling around in my head…and I’m not even planning a wedding! I am, however, planning my own 40th birthday party for later this month. Hmm, Yarn-Wrapped Bottle Centerpieces might work beautifully for the outdoor cookout I am planning! You can make them too, just open the instructions below.

Yarn-Wrapped Bottle Centerpiece Instructions!

Here’s some more examples of projects from the book.

Dress Pattern and Found Tissue Bouquet

Test Tube Favors

Button Seating Cards and Favors


  1. Thanks soooo much! I was obsessed with the yarn covered jars i saw in a magazine, but couldnt find the book, just to read the instructions! you’re awesome.

  2. I wished I hadn’t waited a week to get around to reading this! What great ideas! I love to throw dinner parties and these ideas are perfect! Must have reading for the summer!

  3. The yarn-wrapped bottle centerpeices are beautiful.I don’t know if I’m in love with the colors, the shapes of the bottles, or just the overall idea. Thank you for sharing this!

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