Summer’s unofficially here!

I’m back from my3-day weekend and I feel as refreshed. I didn’t do a whole lot, just mostly chilled and relaxed. We cooked out, made and drank some sangria, played Mario Kart and some board games, went out for brunch and really just took it easy the whole weekend. It’s important to do that every once in a while. There’s been a whole lot going on lately in our family–like a new little nephew born last Sunday the 22nd–that is was super nice to just kick back and perpetrate any little spontaneity that popped into our heads…within reason and our budget, of course! And now it’s summer!

I have so many ideas swirling round in my head for this summer. I want to hang out at the community pool for one–LOTS! And Indie Fixx Jr. and I are talking about going to the Herr’s Factory, the Philly Zoo, the Baltimore Aquarium, Frontier Town and the beach, of course. I also want to make sure to work on my sketching and search out some old film cameras to play around with film photography. I also want to put together a  digital scrapbook of my summer….I used to do that sort of thing when I was a kid, albeit not digitally. I also want to visit a few restaurants in Philly….Horizons being one of them.

What about you? What plans do you have now that Summer is here?

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