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Do you dream of a place where you can craft all day with no phones to interrupt your creative reverie, no washing to hang or grimy ovens to clean? I have been lucky enough to go on two craft retreats where creativity was the order of the day along with fun, gossip, food and friends and if you ever get the chance to go on one, please don’t pass up the chance. But this week I’ve been thinking about how you can recreate that crafty bliss in your own home.

Time and space

Find a weekend, a day or even an evening where you can have complete peace and quiet in your own space. If you don’t have a craft room, commander the dining table for a while or your living room sofa.

Gather supplies and inspiration

The great thing about a retreat is you’re surrounded by other creative people who are more than willing to share their ideas and teach you new skills. When you’re at home, the internet, craft books and magazines will serve you well as a replacement – they’re not so great at conversation sadly. As a replacement for chatty people, download a crafty podcast, listen to an audio book (I’ve got Water for Elephants to accompany my crafting right now) or your favourite radio show.

What’s the plan?

So that you finish your retreat with something to show for it come up with a bit of a plan of what you’d like to achieve: learn two new techniques, finish a knitted jumper, make a hand-carved stamp, make a scrapbook of your baby’s first birthday. If you have an aim you’ll be more likely to focus and have a successful retreat.


Make sure you have plenty of drinks and food to keep you going through out your crafty adventure. Start the day with a hearty breakfast (homemade granola, porridge or scrambled egg), have a fruit smoothie mid-morning and a soup for lunch. Keep some snacks handy like nuts, fruit and some of your favourite chocolate (Green and Blacks was a particular favourite when I went on retreat). For dinner you don’t want to spend too long away from crafting so make a sauce or curry in advance to heat up quickly with some rice or pasta. Some homemade cake would go down a treat with a cup of tea or coffee too.

And finally

Turn off the phone, disconnect the internet (once you’ve gathered some inspiration) and definitely shun the TV. Enjoy your crafty retreat and home and indulge your crafty side.

– Christine Evans from 52 crafts in 52 weeks project writes the column Creativity Corner, which appears bi-monthly on Tuesdays. Read more about her on the contributors’ page.


  1. I have a tiny tiny flat and I really need to try and make myself a little crafting area. At the moment all of my supplies are in different places and it’s a bit of a mission to get anything done! This post has inspired me to sort it out when I get home!

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