Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Noble Town Vintage

wednesday indie artist fixx interview

It’s been a pretty good amount of time since I’ve shared a  Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx interview with you…not having an intern this semester has really made it difficult for me to juggle all my projects. I did manage to get an interview together for you today though with Sarah Pace from Noble Town Vintage. I love Sarah’s reworked vintage jewelry pieces and think you will too!

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

My name is Sarah Pace, I am originally from Phoenix but have lived in Salt Lake City for 8 years and consider it home. I am the creator behind the jewelry line Noble Town Vintage

How did you get your start? What made you deiced to take the plunge?

I started Noble Town Vintage as a fun side project, it started as an vintage clothing shop on etsy. I was doing simple alterations on clothing and offering really great bags and shoes I would find. While searching for dead stock materials to use I kept coming across jewelry supplies and snatching it up and making pieces for myself and friends. I’m not totally done with clothing but for the most part it has morphed away from that and into a line of jewelry that is composed of mainly vintage materials.

Do you have a day job? If so, how do juggle being craftily self-employed along with your day job?

I have been a hairdresser for seven years and really enjoy being in a salon with my coworkers and clients. It has scaled back though, I’m currently doing hair 3 days a week in order to better balance the two. I feel really lucky having two creative avenues at which I am able to make a living, if I am hitting a roadblock in one the other helps recharge me.

Share some of what inspires.

I’m really into a style that isn’t overly feminine and is a little more rustic and natural. There is a lot of really beautiful photography, fashion and interior design that follows that aesthetic right now that I am inspired by.

What’s your creative process is like? How do you come up with your ideas and bring them to fruition?

Sometimes sitting down with music on and spreading out all my supplies I just play with them and force myself to make a couple pieces and then get to edit and revise them until I find something I like. Other times it’s just shapes or color combinations I see that trigger an idea and I write or sketch it down to remember it later.

What other arts and crafts stuff do you like to do?

As was mentioned before I like to sew, I’m working on a couple dresses and tanks for the summer.

Share 3 things that you are crushing on right now from other indie artists/crafters/designers.

  1. I love these oversized prints of photographs by Treefox on Etsy.
  2. These perfume oils by Flourish are lovely. This Cedar and Mint scent is wonderful. It’s a little unexpected and musky but the mint keeps it bright and fresh. It’s a nice alternative to overly sweet scents.
  3. These prints and textures from Mara Hoffman of her clothing are surreal.

What’s new or in the works?

I recently finished a course in silversmithing and am excited to show off some new styles with my growing jewelry making abilities. Summer is going to be super busy, I’ll be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and San Francisco in June and July and some smaller ones at home in Salt Lake City.