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This time I thought I’d take you through my creative process that, if I’m honest, has only just started to really develop, just as I get towards the end of my 52 crafts in 52 weeks challenge. So what a fabulous benefit and legacy for me to take from my challenge – not only do I have more new craft skills than I even knew existed, but I have developed a way that works for me to generate ideas and inspiration.

So here is how I took inspiration from nature into my sketchbook and into a finished project.

It really helps to keep a sketchbook – it’s a relatively new phenomenon for me but I love sketching from nature and studying the intricacies of tulips, apple trees and herbs as I draw – I’ve tried architecture but it doesn’t give me a thrill at all.

My favourite page at the moment is one that I developed over a couple of days. I used pencil, ink and watercolour in the various sketches to explore a dried and battered poppy head that I found as I was doing a little gardening in the unseasonable heat that the UK experienced over Easter. I dropped the gardening fork, grabbed my art supplies and set up in the garden (under an umbrella, no sunburn here thank you very much).

Fast forward a little over a week.  As I was using a kit to make silk paper for my week 46 craft, I realised that I could incorporate a craft I learnt back in week 2 – freehand machine embroidery. And a flick through my sketchbook generated the perfect subject to embroider on the paper: the dry poppy head.

Very shortly afterwards I had my finished piece. And it all started when I was weeding my garden.

What has fired up your creativity lately?

- Christine Evans from 52 crafts in 52 weeks project writes the column Creativity Corner, which appears bi-monthly on Tuesdays. Read more about her on the contributors’ page.

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