Kumquats…you either love ’em or hate ’em

Kumquats, you either love them or hate them. In my house, I’m the only one likes them, so whenever I buy some I often need to think creatively on how to eat them all up before they go bad. I do enjoy popping them in my mouth and eating them like grapes, but since they are so sour I can only eat so many like that. I can’t really toss them in dishes that are intended for the whole family, so it can be a challenge to think of ways that I can enjoy them.

To that end, the other day, after a hike in the woods, I actually came up with the idea of making a Kumquat Smoothie. I wasn’t surprised that I was the only of my peeps that liked it! Plus, if you use soy or almond milk, it’s a tasty vegan snack.

Kumquat Smoothie

kumquats (can use some other citrus fruit, if unavailable or if you don’t like kumquats)
almond, soy or skim milk

  1. Combine all in a blender until you got a proper smoothie consistency.
  2. Since kumquats have seeds, strain before drinking.


  1. oh, i love kumquats, but I have no idea where to buy them at. we usually pick them off of trees.
    I love the idea of a smoothie.

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