Currently Crushing on Industrial Vintage

crushing on by danny brito

Hi! I’m Danny Brito, an Illustrator living in Miami, Florida. I’m going to be doing a regular guest blog post over here on Indie Fixx for a while. I’m going to be bringing you some of my favorite finds whether they are from other artists or just great thrifted items that I’ve found. No theme, just going with it! Hope you enjoy what I’m currently crushing on.

I’ve been really into Industrial vintage pieces lately, I just began redesigning my craft fair table set up to be more industrial than the kitschy nature of my current set up. I tend to get carried away when looking for items so these are my dream items I’d love to have.

First up are these metal stencil letters, they would look so sweet hung up on the wall or even just used as what they’re made for, stenciling letters.

I have been drooling over this metal flat file drawer unit, it would be perfect for an artist to keep originals or prints safe and sound.

Industrial vintage doesn’t have to be metal, this a fabulous wooden 8 drawer card catalog from the early 1900s, it’s in lovely condition. I would probably keep art supplies like pencils, brushes, and markers. It’s perfect because the drawers could be pulled out and popped onto the desk so I could have easy access to the supplies inside.

I totally love that this filing cabinet has different types of drawers and compartments, perfect for people who make different types of things and need lots of storage, I would probably keep small spray paint cans in the little door compartment.

This sewing thread display is maybe my favorite piece in this post, the shape is kind of like it came right off an antique airplane, I think it would be perfect for anyone who has lots of sewing thread and want’s an visually appealing display that also functions well.

Now for something a little more decor oriented than function or storage, this is wire cage pendant lamp from a farm house, I would hang it right above my desk for an extra light source while working on drawings.

I love industrial metal chairs, but industrial metal that is painted is even better. I love the color of this drafting chair and the way the wooden stool looks with it. You’d obviously need a drafting table for this one because it’s so tall, but it’s a lovely piece of functioning furniture.

This antique German typewriter is so gorgeous, and it still functions properly! The filigree is so lovely, it’s still very vibrant considering it’s from the 1940s.

This is a pretty cool solution for a desk lamp, it’s not your average light source. It swivels up and down as well, it’d be perfect for a drawing light source.

This  industrial tandem shell chair bench would be a visually pleasing answer to more seating in my studio. I often find I have friends come over to collaborate or just hang out and they end up having to sit on my bed because I really only have a work chair for myself.

I’m an absolute sucker for metal storage boxes, I have a few for old photos and even use one for art prints. This is a set of four industrial metal storage boxes are super reasonably priced, it’s like an instant collection.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this look into my obsession with industrial vintage, next time you go thirfting, don’t over look the metal baskets or old lamps, they can easily add a touch of industrial and vintage functionality into your work space.

Danny Brito is  an illustrator living in Miami, Florida. He writes the Currently Crushing column. Read more about him on the contributors’ page.