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I’m getting Christine’s column up a little late today. Sorry, I was out at PT (having some back issues) and then lunch and errand running. I’m really loving Christine’s bimontly contributions on adding creativity to your life though. She is a motivator for me and I hope for you too! — xoxo, jen

creativity corner: adding creativity to your life

If you’re trying to bring more creativity into your life but struggling to make the time, I’m hoping that some of the strategies I’m talking about today will help you.

My job eats up a lot of my time and, even if I have some spare hours, often the last thing I feel like doing is being creative.  However, every week without fail I find the time to make something new. Of course making the commitment to a challenge is a great motivator to find the time to create– it is for me. But here are a few more ideas to help you find the time and head space–something I bet you’re often lacking after a long day in the office–to create something new.

Get up early (or stay up later)

Depending on your daily schedule and your natural rhythms–I often feel more creative in the mornings for example–carve out a time slot in the day that you can spend creating. It may mean getting up an hour earlier. Or staying up an hour later if that works for you. If an hour seems too much try just 20 minutes earlier. If you’re serious about being creative you can make the time.

Turn off the computer

How long have you spent reading blogs today? Tweeting? Checking what your friends are up to on Facebook? And how long have you spent being creative? I don’t think I need to say anything else here apart from hold my hand up and say “guilty as charged!”. Turn off the laptop and spend your time creating something today instead.

Clear your head

I’m usually pretty tired after a day at work, so I need to create a little crafty space in my head before I get started. Pilates is my favourite thing to do to clear the corporate jargon from my brain or simply a walk in the fresh air. You could even take your craft outside.

Just do it

Do you read lots of blogs about your craft? Do you do a lot of thinking about what you’d like to produce? Today, just do it. No more procrastination and spending hours thinking and reading (thinking and reading are of course very important, but not to the detriment of producing something). Your first attempts might not live up to your expectations but keep going –it’ll all be worth it.

How do you make time to be creative? Share your tips in the comments.

– Christine Evans from 52 crafts in 52 weeks project writes the column Creativity Corner, which appears bi-monthly on Tuesdays. Read more about her on the contributors’ page.

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  1. I had this problem for a few years – I was building up a massive craft stash and only completed a few basic projects. So I started a blog about how I’m going to use up my stash – blogging about it should help me keep at it!

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